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Use social networking to market your business

Social networks allow you to not only increase your customer base, but also increase customer loyalty. Why? Because members of the Web community voluntarily adhere to a brand, a company. They always want to know more about its products, services and activities. By presenting them with unique, relevant and objective content on a blog, Facebook, Twitter or on any other social media, you attract to your business people who are truly interested in your products and services. You’ll then be able to engage in a quality dialogue with existing or potential customers and strengthen your brand identity with them.

Advantages of social networking campaigns

  • Establish contacts and build relationships
  • Inform your customers about your business
  • Introduce new products and services
  • Make promotional offers
  • Announce events and send out invitations
  • Maintain the relationship with your customers
  • Demonstrate your dynamism and expertise
  • Publish news, articles, tips, etc.
  • Publish appointments and job offers
  • Share photos and presentation videos

Our services for your social networking campaign

Develop a comprehensive strategy to market your business.

Our Web strategists design, set up and moderate social networking campaigns based upon your business goals and your customers’ needs. Our social networking specialists have the expertise and the vision necessary to help you establish and nurture a relationship of trust with Web community members.

  • Social media strategic consulting and publishing
  • Creation of blogs, Twitter accounts, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, etc.
  • Production of promotional and informative multi-platform content
  • Animation of interactive communities
  • Content promotion and link creation
  • Performance measurement

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