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Show up on the Web's largest advertising platform

Leverage your Google AdWords campaign

Campaigns displayed on Google AdWords, the Web's largest advertising platform, give you great flexibility and enable you to target Web users with pinpoint accuracy. In contrast to search engine optimization, you can display your ads in a few minutes and only at the times and days of your choosing, in the language and in the territories pertaining to your target customer segments, and efficiently control your costs, because you’ll only pay when a visitor clicks on your ads.

Advantages of Google AdWords campaigns

  • Immediate visibility
  • Pay only when a surfer clicks on your ads
  • Total control over your parameters
  • Defined geographic and linguistic targeting
  • Pre-set time frames for your ads to appear
  • Choice of advertising platforms and placement
  • Exclusion of unprofitable keywords
  • Production of statistics and conversion reports

Benefit from a structured Google AdWords campaign

Let us set up your campaign and get results quickly.

Our Google AdWords and Google Analytics experts will build your pay per click (PPC) campaign and maximize your returns thanks to their specialized knowledge of Google’s optimization tools. With us, you’ll pay less, and you’ll only pay for the moneymaking keywords.

  • Creation and optimization of your Google AdWords account
  • Setting of parameters and structure
  • Search and selection of keywords
  • Writing of optimized ads
  • Optimal management of your budget and bids
  • Optimization of your landing pages
  • Performance measurement with Google Analytics

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